Mechanical – chemical DPF filter cleaning (high pressure washing) at our workshops


When ordinary automatic DPF (diesel particulate filter) regeneration doesn’t work, the filter gets clogged. There is a solution, which often helps to avoid buying a new DPF, as well as removing it permanently.

How the high pressure mechanical – chemical cleaning works?

  • DPF internal differential pressure is measured to understand the level of DPF contamination
  • particulate filter is removed from the car, observed visually as well
  • cleaning: the compressed high pressure air flow together with special chemical cleaning substance circulates in DPF filter. The process is performed inside the special DPF cleaning machine
  • DPF filter is removed from the cleaning machine. We dry it, and measure the differential DPF pressure after the cleaning
  • DPF filter is installed back on vehicle: final drying, another measurement of internal DPF pressure, DPF filter reset is performed on ECU as well
Clogged DPF diesel particulate filter
Clogged DPF diesel particulate filter


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